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Bauhaus- Electronic with a vizor, in the pool of melancholia between tears and delight!

Douglas Greed`s purse-emptying ordeal caused by the delusive music infection that started, just like it was the case with nearly every infected young fellow - slowly achieving sexual maturity - with the ear constantly glued to the radio. The more attractive late night radio programme was absorbed, with the hand attached to the radio, just like Konstantin Wecker absorbed the wise stuff during his high snow phase.

Instead of directing all of the surplus energy into the devotion of the fair sex, he consummated

his own 3way defloration with breakbeat, hip-hop and drum&bass. But then the great feelings could only be intoxicated by an own creative work, pure consumption was not enough anymore.The consequence: excessive record collecting, putting on, founding a hip-hop-band, declaring drum&bass a religion - that means, own events and the occupation of the resident dj-position from 1999 on. At first in the famous Klub Muna, from summer 2000 in the Kasablanka in Jena and in the Forellenkeller (R.I.P.) in Gera. Later on, Douglas arose from this new bud which has been reported as Real to the d&b authorities - he became a true scene-star and started to receive salacious letters from young girls. His activities, characterized by cordiality, soul, communication and combined with entertainment abilities, humor and a certain serenity were the reason why flowers were handed over to him - not only by major die-hard scene members.

But sometimes he awoke drenched in sweat, because his desire for the 4/4 time rave brought him uneasy nights. What can you do about it? Well - go there, dance, enjoy and become active. Inspired by the musical work of his cohabitant Robag Wruhme, the pent-up lust for the straight minimal sound is being vaccinated into his electronic tools. Douglas Greed was born - the shizophrenic buddy of his breaked 170 bpm friend Real with the fondness for linear rhythm.

The mess in his head: how can I get the intensity, gloom and melancholia of Radiohead to smile on the club floor?

After he, using his socket-tool, is loosing countless times the footrace against daybreak, the first allowable variable - a 12 - emerges. One of the most famous German libertine-labels, Combination Records, helps it to see the light of day. And Combination Records again is the obstetrician when the second publication comes in march 2006.

What can the diligent bon vivant expect in the club Dance music with the benefit of meditativeness without singing at the moon. Student-like minimal techno at its best, never thinking too much about the music. Here somebody has thought about which state of aggregation is the best for electronic dance music inside the brain, in order to work against hebetude. A boiling point of feelings is generated: mourning, delight and optimism along with carefully limited craftiness and enormous emotional energy - surrounded by a subtle sense of dramaturgy, arrangement and sound. The Jena label Freude am Tanzen won`t accept that anymore and is going to publish a Douglas Greed vinyl-record in 2006. Mainly Mr.Greed studies media design - and not only by enrollment - and the resulting hustle in the areas of the written and spoken, of video and design are the logical consequence and are being linked with the affinities to the club. So what have we got? An artistic multi-padavan with two

brains - a Real Douglas!






Oliver Goldt














029 - LOPEZ/ 12"

039 - GLUE EP / 12"

045 - Ein E ist ein W ist ein M ist ..12"



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Douglas Greed is performing live and can be booked here:





@Panorama Bar, Berlin