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Kabuki aka Jan Hennig belongs to the most experienced German drum&bass deejays. We were lucky enough to be able to follow his career as a producer during the last seven years, on the Precision Breakbeat Research label, co-founded by his partner Mainframe. He also manages the label Spectrum Works, to offer us musical experiments below the drum&bass speed limit.


Kabuki began his curriculum in music as a student on classical guitar at Dr. Hochs Konservatorium in Frankfurt. He also studied jazz theory, aural training and composition at theAmerican Institute of Music in Vienna, the European version of the famous Hollywood Musician`s Institute.


Together with his partner Mainframe he produced the first drum&bass album. Under their project name Megashira they released a very well received cd and lp on the Frankfurt label Infracom in 1996. Soon after this success, the duo founded their label Precision Breakbeat Research, to be able to publish 12" singles under their own name. Under the name of Makaithey had already released two maxis with the sophisticated British drum&bass label No U-Turn and soon after that, the first Makai album Millenium was produced.


The success of the first Makai album led to a tour through Japan, where Kabuki performed together with MC Glacius and tried the local scene. It proved to be a very important phase, because not only did Kabuki discover a first class producer team with Pentagon, he also got himself a job as sound designer and composer Sony Playstation in Tokyo. It was the beginning of a journey that lasted a few years, with Kabuki travelling between Germany and Japan on a regular basis.


In the mean time, Kabuki is not only a big name in drum&bass: his star has risen far beyond. Through co-productions with Vikter Duplaix or Cleveland Watkiss, releases with labels likeSonar Kollektiv or Reinforced and last but not least his remixes for various artists like f. e. Sabrina Setlur orr Rocker`s Hi-Fi the musician Kabuki could prove his wide range of interests.


The name"Kabuki" by the way, is Japanese for a classical theatre genre. The single syllables of the word also have their own signification and symbolise music, dance and technique, all words that have something to do with the job of a deejay.


The tracks on this album were all released under the Kabuki-alias and are especially edited for this album. We have filtered 11 tracks out of 30 and added the new Logicbomb and a tricky hidden track to become a conclusive album called Signal to noise.


022 - SIGNAL TO NOISE / CD / 2x12"

023 - LIZARD / SPLIT 7"



Kabuki is performing as DJ and can be booked here